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This is a magical place. I’ve felt it since I was a young boy! Is it because of the powerful presence of the ocean just in front of us? Is it the murmuring of the waters in the river running nearby? Is it the wind brushing the leaves of the centenary oaks? Whatever the reason, before me, many others were drawn in by the mystery and left behind the marks of their religious practices: a Roman altar, a medieval cross, our 16th-century chapel dedicated to the worship of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem.

However, time also leaves its scars and it’s necessary to conserve, restore and improve all the time, not only the Quinta’s buildings, but also its gardens.

My family and I are delighted to invite you here! We look forward to introducing you to the beauty of our historic home, set within its inspirational surroundings. At the same time, your visit makes a significant contribution to our restoration and conservation programs, which are necessary to ensure this estate is preserved for future generations.

Come and join us at Quinta da Boa Viagem!

Kasia and José

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