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The Quinta, its surroundings and our guests


Michael, a German pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela

“Boa Viagem” means “good journey” and Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem is the patron saint of travelers, much refered during the Portuguese era of maritime exploration by navigators as the Star of the Sea. In addition to the Quinta’s close relationship with the era of discoveries and Portugal’s maritime heritage, our chapel is, even now, a stopover point for pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela, in northern Spain (Galicia).


Suzanne, a Californian painter inspired at Quinta da Boa Viagem

It was common in the past to see artists in the Quinta, professionals and amateurs alike: they painted, they played music, they took photos and even Chianca de Garcia came here in 1938 to direct a movie called “A Rosa do Adro”. Nowadays it’s a pleasure to see guests staying in the Quinta, contemplating the landscape and feeling inspiration to produce their art!


Mountain Walking, Atlantic Beaches and Historic Towns

Quinta da Boa Viagem stands in an idyllic location, quietly nestling on the hillside and looking directly over to the Atlantic. The Quinta offers that rare combination of a sea view in one direction, and a mountain backdrop in the other. An area of outstanding beauty, the region is ideal for walkers wishing to explore the surrounding pine forests or for those who crave the exhilaration of bathing in natural waterfalls, very close by.
Despite its remote feeling, however, the Quinta is only 5 km from the lovely, historical town of Viana do Castelo – very close by rail, bus or taxi. We are just 3 km from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Afife, ideal for surfers. Guests may also enjoy horseback-riding, biking, windsurfing, kayaking nearby, among many other local activities. Other historic sites of the region, such as Ponte de Lima, Braga, Guimarães and Valença, are easily accessible.


After almost 30 years receiving guests, we have five wonderful guest books full of lovely drawings, paintings and texts

“Our stay at Quinta da Boa Viagem has convinced us that this is an excellent way of preserving, sharing and improving the heritage. We loved the solid, sturdy Quinta, the imaginative gardens, the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, the paintings, the sculptures and… the very good vinho verde”
John, UK


“Quinta da Boa Viagem has been a beautiful beginning to the start of a beautiful life together. If the rest of our life is as wonderful as this week has been, we will be the happiest people alive!”
Catherine, USA


“Nous avons été séduits par ce lieu magique et nous vous félicitons d’avoir réussi à faire de cet endroit un petit «paradis sur terre»”
Philippe et Sylvie, France


“Quinta magic has made me whole again, I will always be here, even if you cannot hear the laughter!”
Patrick, UK


“Why is one year so long? I will count the days until I will be here again. I’m looking urgently forward to our next stay!”
Laura, Germany

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